Values statements

  All the people are entitled to social justice, integrity, and respect.
All people should be treated equally and have equal access to social services.
All members of the community are entitled to fundamental human rights.
Empowerment of the individual will strengthen the society.
Teamwork provides an opportunity for people to strengthen their abilities and learn from each other.
WHO Mission
To empower women through awareness raising sessions and create job opportunities by providing vocational training and a child day care center.
To promote literacy and strengthen the  personalities and confidence of children and youth through an after school tutoring program, and also educational, art and sport activities.
Reducing health problems and complications for the elderly by providing domestic, nursing, health education and rehabilitation programs and also making them more integrated in the society through social activities, drop in activities, iftars, arts, outdoor trips and aerobics.
Providing better life for disabled and integrating them to the society by providing physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and assistive devices, and also through raising awareness sessions for caregivers.
WHO Vision 
Our vision is of a Palestinian society in the camp where human rights and dignity are universally respected. It is a society where women have equal opportunities to study, work and enjoy their life, where children and youth are valued and able to fulfill their potential, and where elderly have the right to enjoy good health and social life without complications and where disables have better life and more integrated in the society.