Breastfeeding Advocacy and Promotion Training


Knowledge about appropriate feeding practices for children under 2 is limited in communities throughout Lebanon.  Breastfeeding, which is critical for the health of the child, is often abandoned at an early age.  Alternative and complementary feeding is often inappropriate.

The project will help in enhancing best practices in mother and child health; building on lessons learned from the emergency mother and child health program conducted during and after the war, as well as developing the capacity of local NGOs in community health and communication. It will raise awareness among mothers in order to identify threats to the health of women and children in their communities.

The main objective

To empower beneficiaries with relevant skills by providing documents that they can use in self education/peer education towards better health & survival of mothers & children in poor marginalized communities in Lebanon. To provide training & reference materials that animators & community workers can use in their health promotion interventions.

Funded by ANERA