Camps Support Campaign

The APHEDA Palestinian Camps Support Campaign provides assistance for needy elderly and disabled residents in Bourj el-Barajneh refugee camp in Lebanon.  The Women’s Humanitarian Organization (WHO), with the financial support from APHEDA, has operated this campaign since 1996, following research in 1995 that highlighted the desperate state many of the older camp residents were in.

The frail and elderly members of our community suffer a range medical conditions typical of this life stage (asthma, high blood pressure, cardiac problems, incontinence and diabetes), but are aggravated and complicated by the harsh life within the camp.  This program provides funds for essential medications and medical supplies for some of the most disadvantaged elderly members of our community.  A particularly important component of this program has been the availability of funds to purchase incontinence pads.  These pads return a level of dignity and mobility to our elderly community members who struggle with incontinence issues, as well as preventing complications from bed sores which are very expensive to treat and can be fatal.

The fund also covers the cost of health education sessions and outdoor trips for up to 50 elderly beneficiaries.   

Funded by Apheda