Strengthening the children’s role in the civil society

WHO has focused on Children’s Rights as the chore component of our program to strengthen children’s roles in the civil society of our camp as we believe strongly in the possibility of change coming from within our community. Through the opportunities available in this program our children explore what rights are available to them and what rights they need to advocate for.  

The project started with workshops on Children’s Rights for children aged between 14 to 18 Years old, Following these workshops the youth formed a Council of Ambassadors by electing an ambassador for each Right. Each ambassador had a committee of children and youth to help  investigate, monitor and write reports about each right, as well as, preparing a strategy to advance their rights in the camp.  

The children and youth were trained in skills necessary to complete their investigation and monitor how Children’s Rights are applied within the camp.  The children and youth were trained in the use of media equipment to record their investigations and findings- camera, video cameras, recorders..

The preparation of a Conference organized and attended by youth is an important element of this project.  This conference will be prepared by the youth themselves and will include Guest speakers with experience working in children’s rights and youth issues.  Working groups made up of youth representatives will have opportunities to develop recommendations to strengthen the rights of children and youth in our camp.  Such recommendations will be made available to NGOs to strengthen their work in this important area in the life of our community

Funded by Save  the children Sweden