Women and Family Support Group

Many women in the camp suffer from depression or psychological problems. Whilst there are many causal factors leading to this high level of depression, we are frequently unable to quickly influence national and international circumstances such as the “Right to Return Home”.  However, we can enhance women’s coping mechanisms, and we can provide a safe, neutral space where they can discuss their problems with their peers or with a professional counselor

This project aims to support women experiencing depression and to alleviate some of the causes of their depression.  Key strategies to achieve this will be the establishment of a Women’s Centre (space and time away from their homes) where they can and share their concerns with other women and receive informal counseling support.   


A Key area the Project will address is the issues of family violence.  The critically hard life style of being multi-generational refugees exacerbates issues of violence toward the vulnerable members of our community, the young, elderly and women. Although many of the camp families’ problems have their roots in the difficulties of camp life, women’s lack of formal education means that their actions tend to exacerbate prevailing problems rather than alleviate them.   

The overall objective of this project is to promote empowerment among women and enhance their coping mechanisms to promote the quality of family life, the wellbeing of women and children and contribute to the development of a happier and more secure camp environment.

Funded by Kvinna till Kvinna Fiundation